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Consulting and digital marketing services

Make sure that you choose an empowered consulting and marketing partner who is able to take on challenges in building your business
  • Marketing consulting
  • Brand identity
  • Content creation
  • Campaign management

Program benefits and offers

A program designed specifically for companies and establishments to keep pace with the aspirations and needs of their employees related to offers and discounts. It helps raise the level of satisfaction among employees and allows them and their families to use discounts and renewable and various offers.

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Advanced technical solutions

A world of creativity awaits you

We are proud to be a leading company in designing and developing websites and designing and developing applications for smart devices
And with an empowered team that is able to offer digital solutions and suggest appropriate products for every partner who joined us

Our products

We make every effort, and harness the creative and technical capabilities of our partners, through our products, until we reach together to the desired success


An application that connects service providers with customers quickly and directly.


A platform that collects discount codes and celebrity covers for stores.



Amyal Express

An application in the field of managing dry and refrigerated goods and parcels, which is distinguished by its flexible options, competitive prices, and distinctive contractual solutions.

The elite

Amyal Elite

A program that provides benefits and offers to employees of the best stores and brands inside and outside the Kingdom.


Amyal Service

We provide a professional car washing and parking service in partnership with the private sector and manage it through a smart application to facilitate the operation of the service.

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